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OOC Game RulesOur Code of Conduct

Don’t be a Dick.

Respect one another, if someone seems to be struggling, help each other or talk to a member of the game team.

Respect one another’s personal boundaries.

No means No! (It shouldn’t really need saying)

If something comes to your attention that you feel might need further investigation, please do inform the game team.


Any property left on site at the end of the game will be added to our lost property box, We DO NOT take responsibility for your lost items or getting them back to you, though we will endeavor to help if we can, so please ensure you check for everything you can.

There will be a refuge point on site, so if at any time you feel you need a safe space to get away from the IC and public OOC areas, come and talk to a member of game team and we will take you to that place and allow you respite.

The Wayfarer Chronicles Team reserve the right to extend bans and suspensions if we deem a player to be a danger to others.

Ticket Sales are Final. Unfortunately we cannot refund tickets once purchased, we do however allow the sale of your ticket to another. You must confirm the sale with the game team 48 hours prior to the event so we have an updated Gate list.