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Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa


Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa LARP is a game set in the Swashbuckling Fantasy world of Oespra.

It is a game where you can explore all your rogueish wants and needs, or play an upstanding Queens Guard who protects and upholds the Laws of the land. (Or play a Queens Guard who takes advantage of their position, totally up to you!)

Below you will find all the information you need to begin playing Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa LARP.

Oespra has long been a land that finds itself resigned to the whims of it’s denizens. At the seat of the Empire, the King is dead. Upon the newly vacant throne sits Amber Rose Isla. Once a princess with her heart set on justice, now a Queen with her very being set on both revenge and the eradication of the lawless.

During her father’s reign, the Island of Carmoa, a place once believed to simply be a myth, was designated a penal colony. The mysterious nature of the island and the treacherous journey one must make to even lay eyes on it made it a perfect candidate. No-one would ever escape once they had been sent there. Prisoners were taken to the edge of the Wraith Waters and set adrift in small life vessels. Those that actually made it through the brutal seas to the island were marooned, and those that didn’t well… they joined Tiyd and the Undertow in the waves below.

It has come to the attention of the Kings Empire, however, that Carmoa is a favoured land of the gods, it is a land where there are untapped resources and riches, and to leave that to the scum and villains that now call it home would be both detrimental to the ruling classes and the lives of the good people of Oespra. Thus, with the death of her father, Princess Amber Rose Isla has dedicated herself and the Kings Islan armies to retaking the Island in the name of the Empire.

Will the Exiled keep their new home, or will the Empire reclaim it and civilize its inhabitants? Will they choose to eradicate each other or live together?

That’s where you come in, as a player of Exiled: on the Shores of Carmoa, these are your choices to make!

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SourcebooksHere you can download our Rules and Sourcebooks for playing Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa.

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Exiled on the Shores of Carmoa – Event #4 ‘The Lost and the Broken Blades’

Friday 17th April – Sunday 19th April 2019

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